Ricotta mousse with chocolate chips

Ingredients for 4 people:

400 gr fresh ricotta (we suggest to use our Ricotta di Bufala 125gr from Fattorie Garofalo)
150 ml cream (sweet)
80 gr chocolate flakes (we suggest 70% dark)
30 gr powder sugar
150 gr berries or seasonal fruit
80 gr sugar (optional)
50 gr sesame seeds (optional) 

Mousse preparation:

Mix the ricotta with the whisk. Whip the cream with the powder sugar and mix the two compounds very gently.
Add the chocolate flakes and mix very gently. Pour a few tablespoons of mousse into the serving glass, decorate with berries or seasonal fruit and crispy wafer and serve.
Ricotta mousse can be prepared before a dinner and stored in the fridge until serving.

Preparation of the crispy waffle (optional):

Prepare the crunchy: in a pan with a thick bottom, pour the granulated sugar, sprinkling it on the whole base of the pan. Add the sesame and switch on the low heat. Let the sugar caramel without ever stirring. At this time sesame begins to toast. When the sugar is melted and browned, turn off the heat and pour with a spoon the crunchy on a baking sheet paper creating waffles. 

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