Stracciatella - 250 gr
Stracciatella - 250 gr
Stracciatella - 250 gr
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Stracciatella - 250 gr

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    Stracciatella is the precious heart of Burrata, made of small shreds from fresh cow milk and cream. Once one of our Swiss customers said "This is incredibly delicious! It is like Burrata without the skin!". And she was right! :-)


    Ingredients: UHT cream (60%), pasteurized cow's milk, salt, microbial rennet, lactic cultures, acidity regulator: lactic acid.
    Producer: Gioiella

    Stracciatella is perfect on a simple slice of bread. With some drops of olive oil and tomatoes is great. And on pizza as well!
    Take a slice of raw ham, put a bit of Stracciatella on it and roll it up. Eat it all in once and do not be surprised if your first thought will be "Ooooh my God!"
    And don't forget to keep a small piece of bread for the end... Dip it into the remaining Stracciatella and enjoy doing "scarpetta"!
    Try our recipe: Friselle with tomatoes, burrata, ricotta, stracciatella or mozzarella

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