Fattorie Garofalo

The history of Fattorie Garofalo is strictly linked to the history of Terra Laboris, the land around Caserta in the south of Italy which has always been dedicated to agriculture and breeding.
Despite it is the leading company producing Buffalo Mozzarella DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta, literally “Protected Designation of Origin”), Fattorie Garofalo believes that "Breeding is a love gesture" and keeps great respect and love to buffalos, strong animals with placid disposition.

We have chosen Fattorie Garofalo for their high quality standards and their respect for animals and nature.

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Fattorie Garofalo

Bocconcini di bufala DOP - 250 gr (about 10 pieces)

SFr. 9.30
Fattorie Garofalo

Mozzarella di bufala DOP - 125 or 250 gr

From SFr. 4.70
Fattorie Garofalo

Ricotta di bufala - 125 gr

SFr. 4.80