Soppressata piccante / spicy - 350 gr
Soppressata piccante / spicy - 350 gr
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Soppressata piccante / spicy - 350 gr

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    Soppressata is a cured dry sausage, typical of Calabria.
    It is the most prized sausage in the region, the pride of the Calabrian land. It is a mixture of the best parts of the pig (ham and fillet) combined with the fat or lard from the front of the loin. Everything is chopped, salted, flavored with crushed black pepper or ground red pepper - which gives the typical red color -, and stuffed into a natural pig gut to obtain a slightly flattened cylindrical shape with a length of about 15 cm. They are then tied, left to dry and placed between two boards with weights on them (as the name itself indicates). After a week it returns to drying. The soppressata matures for about 40 days, during which the sausages are hung in a ventilated and heated environment, in the first few days, by a brazier that guarantees their smoky aroma.

    Ingredients: pork, black pepper, hot chili pepper. Preservatives: sodium nitrite, potassium nitrate.

    Perfect as appetizer or starter on a bread slice. Also cooked on pizza or pasta, it gives a wonderful spicy taste.

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